Harness The Power of Happiness

Introducing 'The Happiness Margin'. Imagine if all of your leaders and teams had a positive mindset. What would that do to the productivity of your entire organization?
The Arrive at Happy Happiness Retreat at Calamigos Ranch, Malibu. A 2-day transformational experience including the Science of Happiness, breathwork, The Blue Zones, healthy food, and connections.
Tia Graham inspired over 100 Real Estate executives & managers with a 2-hour interactive talk about her personal journey, the Science of Happiness, and elevating personal & professional happiness. The talk took place at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center.
How to reframe stress and use this emotion to your advantage. Learn that stress is not the enemy. The enemy is our lack of recovery.
Tia Graham inspired 60 Hospitality Human Resource Directors with a talk about her personal journey, the Science of Happiness, and bringing Wellbeing into hotels. The talk took place at The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills Hotel.

Arrive At Happy Events are experiential & interactive, and attendees leave with tangible takeaways to implement in their lives.


Arrive At Happy partners with wellness leaders to conduct events. Enhanced experiences include Yoga, Breathwork, Nutritionists, and Physical Trainers.