Your guide to unlocking happiness & increasing success at work & in life.



Your guide to greater success through the science of happiness.

People find it difficult to achieve happiness in their personal and professional lives, which limits success. We offer coaching, motivational speaking, workshops, and retreats, backed by positive psychology, that leads to achievement of their full potential.


Tia Graham, Founder

Tia Graham is an Inspirationist and the Founder of Arrive At Happy who partners with organizations & individuals to increase their daily happiness and, in turn, increase their success in all areas of their lives. She has a Certificate in Happiness Studies & a Certificate in Facilitating Happiness from Harvard’s Tal Ben-Shahar & is a Professional Coach. Tia wants to leave the world a happier place and spread her mission globally.

MEMBER OF: The National Speakers Association, The International Coach Federation, The Society for Human Resource Management, & The Association for Talent Development.


Happy Companies: 
The Happiness Margin

What if all of the people leading in your organization were trained to do so with a positive mindset


Motivational Speaking

Tia Graham is a motivational and inspirational speaker who lights up audiences with vitalizing talks that encourage others to live their happiest life. 

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Immersive Retreats 

Arrive At Happy Retreats are for managers, leaders, and inspired individuals hosted in stunning locations curated for transformation & connection.