Corporate Workshop: Video Testimonial

Dionis Rodriguez

(Managing Director, Crimson Rock Capital)


Corporate Workshop: Video Testimonial

Michelle Sinness

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Retreat: Video Testimonial

Josh Wyatt

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Retreat: Video Testimonial

Kelli Chavez

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Retreat: Video Testimonial

Amy Chippendale

(Account Director @ The London West Hollywood)


Tia’s keynote speech at American Spa’s debut West Coast Women in Wellness Leadership Conference was everything we had hoped it would be and more. She provided attendees with tangible takeaways for finding joy from within. Her inspiring message of hope and happiness was the perfect way to conclude the day.
- Heather Mikesell, Executive Editor, American Spa Magazine

We have received so much fantastic feedback from your motivational talk for our team. Thank you so much!
- Stephanie Hinckley, VP Sales, Irvine Company Resort Properties

I worked with Tia for over five years in a senior executive position and have found her to be determined, positive in her approach, a team player, a coach in many ways to her team and to her peers and someone that views life with a positive perspective. Tia has helped me to develop my own strengths both professionally and personally. She coached me on how to live a more happy and positive life and I have found more happiness and positivity as a result. I feel honored to know her and to be able to work with her daily brings joy into the work place.
- Jeff Kulek, Area Vice President & General Manager, The London West Hollywood & Amara Resort

I worked with Tia for 6 months and she helped me to work on my daily, weekly, and annual priorities, and finding a way to balance work, family, and what I was looking for just for "me." Tia has an incredible way of making you feel comfortable, yet accountable, and the time I spent with her gave me noticeable results. Even my co-workers noticed my changes, and shared positive feedback.
- Kate Jerkens, SVP Global Sales, Uncle Nearest Inc.

Thank you thank you thank you!  Thank you so much for speaking at the California Concierge Symposium!  Everyone was raving about your presentation and we are so grateful you were able to join us!  Thank you again for everything!
- Kalindra Ashleigh, President, Los Angeles Concierge Association

Tia does an amazing job when speaking and empowers you to remove the excess burdens of your life, and give yourself permission to nurture your soul!
- Ben Reiss, Business Developement Manager, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

Tia has coached me to identify areas in my life that I want to improve on or make adjustments to achieve particular goals, both personally and professionally. She provides the perfect balance of offering strategies and recommendations without being critical or pushy, while maintaining accountability to ensure you're moving forward. Tia radiates happiness and positivity, and this naturally carries over to you every time you have contact with her. I highly recommend working with Tia if you want to create a happier, more productive lifestyle.
- Beth Miller, Self-Employed, Journalism, PR & Marketing

Tia is a leader to whom you are naturally attracted.  She is inclusive in her approach and shares an amazing story of life experiences and travel.  Tia achieved great success by always creating a sense of optimism that inspires others to see new possibilities.  She delivers excellence in all that she does. 
- Angela Vento, General Manager, Wailea Beach Resort

Tia delivered an impactful talk at my leadership retreat. The attendees are still raving about her presentation. No only is she inspiring, but she helped us connect more with who we are and provided useful tips on how to achieve a state of happiness in everything that we do. I look forward to working with her in the future.
- Laura Caroffino, Caroffino Enterprises, LLC

Thank you for all the knowledge you shared @ our training on Tuesday. Hearing your wonderful speech was like a breath of fresh air for my career. I’ve already started to implement a lot more sleep, and will begin to meditate tomorrow morning while I go on a hike!
- Dennice Oceguera, Recreation Leader, City of West Hollywood

Tia inspires people to strive for levels higher than their own beliefs and is an incredibly positive person. She has an authentic talent for partnering with people to uncover their very best self.
- Leon Young, General Manager, Managing Director, Ace Hotel & Atelier Ace Hotel 

Tia's happiness workshops are empowering and cleansing. She has a true passion for helping and supporting others. After attending a workshop, I feel motivated, energized, and inspired. Truly a wonderful experience! 
- Stephanie Gold, US Legal Support 

Arrive at Happy workshops are such a fun and uplifting experience! Tia finds creative new ways to encourage positivity and inspire happiness in your everyday life. You can't help but leave motivated!
- Krissy Gleason, Crescent Capital Group