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Tia Graham, an Inspirationist & coach, has been coaching top performing sales directors for over 15 years.  She is a Leadership & Life Coach and her passion is supporting people to reach their full potential and find success in all the areas of life. Her purpose in life is to be a catalyst of happiness.  

Whether you are looking to find more meaning and purpose in your life, searching for balance, or looking to launch a new business or career, Tia will partner with you to dream bigger and achieve. 

The partnership begins by exploring what your intentions are for life and what success looks like. It is built on trust, in a safe environment.  

As a coach, Tia believes you have answers within.  She is there to ask meaningful questions that bring the answers to light.  Tia provides insights and new awareness to you.  Forward motion inspires and motivates you. 

Tia Graham has studied at the Institute for Life Coaching and The Happiness Studies Academy, and honors the International Coaching Foundation Code of Ethics.