The Success & Happiness Relationship

What do you believe will make you more successful in life? By successful I mean success in relationships, in your career, in your health & wellness goals, in education, and in all other areas of your life. Some common beliefs are hard-work, partnering with a mentor, waking up early daily, exercising weekly, and building meaningful relationships to name a few.

My message is that many positive psychology studies have PROVEN that when you prioritize and focus on your personal happiness & overall wellbeing, you will increase success in all areas of your life. Here is one of my favorite quotes from Shawn Achor (Harvard & Good Think Inc.)

“Our brains work significantly better at positive than at negative, neutral or stressed.  Every single business and educational outcome improves when we start at positive rather than waiting for a future success.  Sales improve 37% cross-industry, productivity by 31%, you're 40% more likely to receive a promotion, nearly 10 times more engaged at work, you live longer, get better grades, your medical symptoms are less acute, and much more.”
– Shawn Achor, Harvard & The Good Think

Many people have numerous responsibilities, both at work and at home. They lead people and/or take care of family members, both younger and older. When you prioritize yourself and your own happiness, you will be better equipped to take care of and lead others. You will have more energy, clarity, good health, and creativity to tackle the challenges that arise.

“As our positive world expands, we become more creative, innovative, and flexible and are able to see solutions we would not normally see. So, cultivating positive emotions is a great way to increase your creative output.” - Barbara Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you right now? What is one thing that you can start doing daily that will increase your personal wellbeing? Start with one new habit or ritual and use physical reminders to help you remember what you want to do. Do you want to increase your movement each week or get more sleep each night? Every little step counts and small progress IS progress!

Tia GrahamArrive At Happy