High Intensity Interval Training

How HIIT makes you happier and healthier:

I have always been a huge fan of exercise and working out. Yes, I am one of those super weird ones. Both of my parents were die-hard skiers, windsurfers, swimmers, and had us play and participate in sports growing up. I have always moved several times a week because I LOVE the way that it makes me feel. In my head, in my spirit, and in my body. When I have not been able to move regularly due to injury or sickness, I have felt the massive shift and how it affects my thinking and perspective in a negative way. My favorite activities are yoga, running, biking, hiking, and lifting weights when I can.

Exercise truly is the Wonder Drug! We are born to move; it is natural to us and we were not made to be sitting in meetings or in front of a desk all day. Exercise enhances memory, creativity, self-esteem and focus. Exercise is the BEST thing that we have to prevent Alzheimer’s today.

“Not exercising is like taking a depressant.” – Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

I had always known that interval training was beneficial for us, but I was not sure exactly why. I would sometimes do exercise that would increase and lower my heart rate, but not that consistently. Once I started learning about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), I was hooked and now do it weekly. 

Weekly HIIT Comparison Exercise Study
20 mins of HIIT x 3 days
1 min high heart rate & 1 min low heart rate
= 1 hour of HIIT for the week 

This had the same physical benefit of 5 Hours of aerobic exercise on every parameter that was measured!!! How incredible is this? 

My favorite HIIT app is “7” where you can find 7-minute awesome workouts! Everyone has at least 7 mins a day for exercise. The goal is to mix in HIIT with your cardio, yoga, etc. weekly for an incredibly well-rounded exercise routine.

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Tia Graham