Imagine if your team led with a positive mindset.
What would that do to your entire organization?

Do you want to increase productivity, engagement, positivity, and creativity?

Arrive At Happy corporate workshops are experiential, motivating, inspiring, science-based, and designed to create lasting change in the team and organization. Each workshop is customized and created to meet the unique needs of the team, market conditions and organization. Attendees of the workshops will leave with new insight into themselves and their team(s) that will positively affect their professional and personal lives. Participants will learn tangible and actionable ways to increase their levels of happiness and become more successful at work. 

Sample Workshop Components:

·       Individual Self-Assessments prior to the day (Examples: VIA Strengths Finder & DISC 360)

·       Motivational talk on the science of happiness and the power of positive leadership in the workplace

·       Group discussion on the current levels of happiness of the leaders and within the workplace

·       The Happiness Margin vision creation group exercise

·       Group & Pair Exercises around various wellbeing topics

·       Happiness meditation and journaling

Workshop Options:

·       Half-Day

·       Full-Day

·       Two-Day Offsite

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Corporate Workshop

Andaz by Hyatt: Hotel Managment Team, West Hollywood