Not the other way around

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The vast majority of leaders and people believe happiness is worth striving for, but that it is inconsistent.  Arrive At Happy believes happiness is found within.  It can be taught and learned.  A Happy Life is a choice.

When people and organizations harness the power of joy, possibilities are limitless.  Arrive At Happy inspires people to dream, focus and achieve.

Everything in life is interconnected. Your personal to your professional.  We can thrive in both settings when we are happy. Life and business bring challenges.  In today’s fast and competitive environment, we are bombarded with constant negative media and nonstop technology interrupting our life. By prioritizing happiness and positivity, you learn to build resiliency for problems that will inevitably occur.  Arrive At Happy partners with organizations, leaders and individuals to elevate their well-being and success.  

Now is the time for The Happiness Revolution.

The 2nd World Happiness Summit, March 2018, had 2,400 attendees from 40+ countries. The Happiness classes at Harvard and Yale are the most popular in the history of the universities.



World Happiness Summit 2018
Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph. D., Harvard University
Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer, Google X