Tia Graham is a motivational and inspirational speaker who lights up audiences with vitalizing talks that encourage others to live their happiest life.

Infused with compassionate, loving, hopeful, gracious energy and her bubbly sense of humor, her thought-provoking presentations incorporate music, video, audience experiences, movement and the spoken word to elevate the consciousness of the entire room. Tia uses her rich life experiences, positive mindset, open heart and love of life to guide each speaking engagement. She knows happiness leads to success in life and not the other way around. Her talks intertwine her personal stories, the science of happiness, cultural learnings, optimism and authentic passion. Audiences leave inspired and empowered to Arrive At Happy daily with actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Tia has spoken at hospitality industry events and is the keynote speaker of the MamaBella Festival in October 2018 in Palm Springs. The depth of her knowledge and curriculum gives her the ability to design talks so they are tailor-made for each group. 

Inspire yourself and guests at your next event, and increase your happiness and success with Tia’s energizing Signature Talks. Participants learn how to create and maintain a positive mindset, strengthen relationships, live with awe, wonder and gratitude, and understand the connection between lifelong learning, purpose and happiness. Movement is an integral part of happiness and Tia incorporates this into the audience experience while motivating them to continue the lifestyle after her talk. She leads attendees to understand that happiness is not a destination, but resides inside all of us. Tia inspires people to prioritize their own happiness, make tangible changes in their lives, and spread the positive energy and teachings with everyone around them.


THE REAL DEFINITION OF SUCCESS - Feel The Science. Become inspired by the fact-driven information on how happiness leads to success in all areas of life. 

LOVE THIS LIFE - Be transformed with the knowledge and tools on how to live a life full of awe, wonder, appreciation, and gratitude. 

GOLDEN CONNECTIVITY - How to increase the power of human relationships and compassion at work and in personal life to increase happiness and joy. 

THE ETERNAL STUDENT - How learning & living with a purpose-driven life lead to a happier life. 

THE HAPPY LENS - Learn how to live and lead with a positive mindset.